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Gallery Affiliations and Feature Exhibitions:
Expressions in Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM Sardi Associates, New York, NY
El Prado Gallery, Sedona, AZ and Santa Fe, NM
Mike Cluff Fine Art, Cambria, CA
El Prado Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, December 1995 (two-person show)
Zenith Gallery, Washington, DC, April 1986 (two-person show)
University of Alabama in Huntsville Museum of Art, April 1983 (two-person show)
Zenith Gallery, Washington, DC, June 1983 (two-person show)
Allen Rubiner Gallery, December 1982 (four-person show)
Dominican College Gallery, San Rafael, CA, March 1980 (one-person show)
Stanford University Faculty Club, October-November 1979 (one-person show)
Gallery House, Palo Alto, CA, March 1979 (two-person show)
Alitar Gallery, Salmiya, Kuwait (group show)

Slides Registered With:
Archives of the Smithsonian Institute (through Allied Artists of America), Washington, DC
Sculpture Source, International Sculpture Center, Washington, DC